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Multi-Lite Pendant chrome/white,

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Multi-Lite Pendant chrome/white, 4m white textile covered cord, chrome canopy, E27, 230V

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Multi-Lite Collection

Multi-Lite Collection

The Multi-Lite Collection embraces the golden era of Danish design with its characteristic shape of two opposing outside, mobile shades that enable creating a personal installation and a wide range of lighting values in a room. By individually rotating the shades, the Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp can be transformed into multiple combinations where the light can be directed upwards, downwards or exude an asymmetrical art light.
The Multi-Lite was first drawn in 1972 when Louis Weisdorf did an exception to his own design custom of using multiple repeating elements. Instead it reflects his passion for diversity. Two cylindrical shapes lay the foundation of the lamp and a metal ring encompasses it and anchors the two quarter-spherical shades, which ultimately completes a picture of an iconic design with multiple purposes. The Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp has a timeless expression that fits into any domestic setting.

Louis Weisdorf

Louis Weisdorf

Louis Weisdorf (born in 1932) is a well-known Danish architect and designer. After graduating from the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 1954, Weisdorf worked with everything from graphic-, interior- and industrial design, to recreational areas as well as most fields within the building trade. He described his career as "specialises in versatility", which, quite perfectly, sums up the long and notable career of this multi-designer.

In 1961, he started a ten-year assignment at Tivoli, amusement park in Copenhagen, and worked as the main assistant to Tivoli's chief architect Simon P Henningsen. In the late 1960's, Weisdorf set up his own design studio in Copenhagen, sharing the premises with architect Ole Panton (the younger brother of Verner Panton), where he served both national and international clients. During his active time as a designer, Weisdorf worked closely with many designers including Verner Panton, Poul Henningsen and Le Klint.

Louis Weisdorf has always been interested in creating lights from a single element that could be repeated and built together in various fashions and a guiding principle of shielding the eye from direct bulb glare at all angles, which can for example be seen in his Turbo Pendant Lamp from 1967.

Today, Weisdorf lamps are collector's items and can be bought on auctions.


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